Don’t call it a comeback

Hello again, sorry for the extended interlude between my last posting and this, but it simply could not be helped.  My time away from the field has been absorbed by both the seemingly endless string of arrangements that need to be made for my wedding in October and the extra attention required to complete all of my end-of-semester course work.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, since I will be done with all three of my classes once I take my last final on Monday and scrapped the ill-advised plan to take summer courses.  Once everything is wrapped up I should be able to settle back into my typical routines, including posting on here a couple times a week,  which I have enjoyed doing for the last couple seasons.
Anyhow, our start to the season here in good old Midland has been a bit up and down.  After a scorching start against the other division, we settled in with a few steady series wins before running into a buzz saw in the form of the San Antonio Missions.  We split our most recent series and are now headed home for eight games, with one of our only three true off days thrown into the mix.  I have thrown well in all but one of my outings so far, but in a story that typifies life in the bullpen, I got touched up for 5 runs in that outing and that has skewed my overall statistical situation.  I’m not alone in having one bad outing that has marred my season, so nothing for it but to continue grinding out appearances.

Into My Own
by Robert Frost
One of my wishes is that those dark trees,
So old and firm they scarcely show the breeze,
Were not, as ’twere, the merest mask of gloom,
But stretched away unto the edge of doom.

I should not be withheld but that some day
Into their vastness I should steal away,
Fearless of ever finding open land,
Or highway where the slow wheel pours the sand.

I do not see why I should e’er turn back,
Or those should not set forth upon my track
To overtake me, who should miss me here
And long to know if still I held them dear.

They would not find me changed from him they knew–
Only more sure of all I thought was true.


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